Make Your Own Affogato!

Serves: 1 pax


  • 2 oz. bourbon (optional)

  • 1 pint Ben & Jerry’s Urban Bourbon ice cream

  • Waffle wedge, whipped cream, caramel sauce, mini donuts and straw for serving

  • Hot fudge sauce

  • Sliced almonds

  • 6 oz. coffee


Step By Step Guide

Step 1

Gather all your ingredients. Spread hot fudge sauce around the rim of a large coffee mug and cover with sliced almonds.

Step 2

Pour coffee and bourbon (if using) into the mug.

Step 3

Top with 2 scoops of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

Step 4

Garnish with the waffle wedge, whipped cream, and caramel sauce.