The Practical Guide for New Babies & New Moms

Congratulations, you’re about to meet your baby for the very first time!

While the first stages of parenthood can be exciting, they can also be overwhelming. Every first that your baby goes through is a first for you too. And each first is going to be different. Some will be expected, others surprising; some emotional and others a lot of fun. 


How to choose the first diaper

“When Andrew was first born, I used a diaper made for newborns. They have a cut-out space for the umbilical stump. If you choose a different one, just keep the top of the diaper folded down.”
- Mary, Mom of Andrew, 3 months

The First Diaper

Pampers Premium Care are Pampers’ best diapers.They combine both European imported silky soft materials and proven dryness to keep your newborn comfortable and her delicate skin protected.


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** For Pampers Premium Care NB as of Oct 2014

How to change the first diaper?

Diapering your baby is as much a part of parenting as feeding, even though it can sometimes be challenging at first. With a good knowledge of the diapering basics, you'll be able to keep your baby dry, comfortable, and ready to learn, sleep, or play.


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