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Did you know that front load washing machines are different from top load, and they need detergent which are low in suds level?

Learn more about choosing the right type of detergent, and how you can protect your clothes and front load washing machines with Persil’s range of low suds detergents!

Choosing the right type of detergent

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The tumble-cleaning actions of front load washing machines are different from top load machines. Using detergents that produce too much suds (foam) can damage your front loaders because the excess lather may wash away the motor oil on ts bearing, resulting in costly repairs. That’s why Persil low suds detergent is best recommended for front load washing machines.

Persil for your every need


Best for front load washing machines, Persil offers a range of products with additional benefits, on top of powerful stain removal. From Superior Clothes Care which helps to soften your clothes to Sensitive variant suitable for delicate skin, you can choose the best detergent which meets you and your family’s different needs.

Tips to get clean & soft laundry


Repeated washing of clothes can cause cloth fibres to tangle, making them prone to wear and tear. Complementing a clean wash by Persil, Comfort Ultra lightly conditions the cloth fibres to help them remain soft and smooth, while leaving a long-lasting fresh fragrance.