#RedMartCares: Double Your Donation Project



Thank you for your interest in the #RedMartCares: Double Your Donation Project (“Project”). The Project is jointly organized by Red Cross Home for The Disabled (“RCHD”), Redmart Limited ("RedMart") and TENA (“TENA”).  RedMart will list product bundles of TENA Adult Diapers requested by the RCHD for you to purchase and directly donate to the organization.  These items will be shown as In-Kind Donation Bundles (“In-Kind Donations”) on the specially created www.redmart.com/redmartcares/RCHD page.  You agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions if you participate:

  1. The Project is valid from 14 May 2018 to 16 May 2018 (the “Project Period”).

  2. All products purchased through https://redmart.com/redmartcares/rchd will be used as In-Kind Donations for the Red Cross Home For The Disabled.

  3. The total price to be paid by you will be the sum of the prevailing selling price of the In-Kind Donations listed on  https://redmart.com/redmartcares/rchd at the time we receive your order.

  4. TENA has kindly offered to do a 1 for 1 match on the quantity for every product purchased through https://redmart.com/redmartcares/rchd, limited to one order of In-Kind Donation per customer.

  5. All In-Kind Donations purchased through https://redmart.com/redmartcares/rchd will go to the efforts in aiding Red Cross Home For The Disabled and will be delivered to the Red Cross Home for the Disabled, located at 8 Lengkok Bahru #04-01, Family Link, S159052 on or around  21 May 2018.

  6. RedMart will cover all logistics, technology, and delivery fees for the In Kind Donations donated to Red Cross Home For The Disabled.

  7. You may not cancel your order once your Payment has been collected.

  8. All In-Kind Donations made are not tax deductible.

  9. The Project is also subject to RedMart's Terms and Conditions available here.

  10. RedMart may vary these Terms and Conditions or discontinue this Project at any time without any notice or liability to any party. Any change to these Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately, unless stated otherwise. Notice of any changes is deemed to be given when published on the website and RedMart assumes no obligation to provide notice in any other manner.


Need a Hand?

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