Ever wished you can still add items after checkout? We heard you! Now, you can update your order to include additional items before we start preparing it.

Here's how:

SS-Order-Amend-animation 2.gif


Things to note

  • You can add items as long as your order is in the 'Scheduled' state - To check the state of your order, simply go to your Order History (under My Account) and select the order.

  • Some products may not be eligible - Some of our products are fulfilled by independent sellers and have a longer lead time. You will not be able to update your order for those products.

  • Some orders may not be eligible - Orders with unattended deliveries or orders paid via PayPal cannot be amended currently.

  • Discounts from coupons will not be applied - If you've used a coupon for a percentage off, the percentage off discount will not be applied to the added items.

  • LiveUp rebates will still apply - If you qualify for LiveUp rebates, the rebate will be calculated based on the final amount of the order upon delivery.