RedMart Marketplace


RedMart Marketplace - a select community of independent sellers, specializing in its range of products within our quality standards. With the variety in selection that is growing in diversity, one can find different products online all in one place.


RedMart does not stock Marketplace products - upon ordering, we pick up the item from the seller, bring it back to our fulfillment centre, and do one consolidated order to you. Hence, availability may go up to 2 – 3 working days.

How do you spot a Marketplace product?

There are obvious signs- you’ll see an orange tag indicating the earliest delivery time, as well as its store name:


The Marketplace also has its own dedicated tab, if you’d like to explore new and exciting stores that are available on RedMart:

How do I get to a Marketplace seller’s store?

Once you have identified the Marketplace product, click on it, and click on the store name:

And you will land on the store: